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July/August 2006

Being Genuine

by Dr. Norb Gerondale

Webster’s definition of genuine: really being what it is said to be or coming from the alleged source or origin; not counterfeit or artificial; real; true; authentic. As I reflect on life and what is genuine, I am reminded of the individuals that have had and still are having the greatest influence on my growth process. And even though these individuals have come from a kaleidoscope of different backgrounds, philosophies and disciplines, there is one thing they all shared and that is their sense of abundance and genuiness. Because they operated from a sense of abundance and not scarcity, they didn’t need to talk about it.

The wealthiest people I have met, never talked of money or material things. The true healers never mentioned the healing process, using healing energy or even took credit for their work. They lived it, they walked it, they emanated it, but interestingly enough they didn’t talk about it. The truly spiritual that I have encountered never talked about spirit, angels or fairies, or being born again, they just radiated a presence that you knew originated unadulterated from the One source. The true visionaries rarely discussed their visions or dreams but seemed to be able to move unimpeded toward the manifestations of their visions.

I know the key ingredients of manifestation are attention, intention and presence, none of which require the mechanical energy of talk. You see, the more we have to uncover the seeds that we have planted to convince ourselves that they are indeed still there and to see how they are doing, the more we stymie their chance of ever sprouting and flourishing into something truly wonderful and genuine.

Norb Gerondale, MD has a consultative practice of holistic medicine at the Center for Integrative Therapy in Spring Lake, MI. He is board certified in internal and holistic medicine and holds diplomat status in Ayurvedic medicine. For more information please contact (616) 604-6040 or visit www.mycit.org

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